Main point of PRP Therapy is how to concentrate many platelets on plasma.

Growth factors inside of platelets have effect to treatment area and have a spontaneous cure on the go fast and safe.

- Therefore, how to separate platelets from blood using centrifuge is the core technology.

- Advantages of EasyPRP

  • It can extract many platelets (over one million) with less blood (11cc)
  • It is easier to extract Buffy Coat than other Kit and contains less red blood cell
  • Buffy Coat and plasma could be separated and it is possible to adjust volume for each treatment area.
  • Price is lower than other Kit and it doesn’t need expensive Hardware.
  • Procedure time is minimized as it can shorten the time which is needed to concentration of blood (One time for separation and it takes five min.)
  • 100% closed circuit. No any external contamination.
  • Free chemical additive
  • Physical Plasma, Buffy Coat, RBC separation.

EasyPRPKit is faster and more simple than other Kit for separation and concentration of blood and Buffy Coatand Plasma could be separated. In addition, the price of PRP System is low so that our customer can make higher profits.