Anti-age Plasma S pen

Anti-age Plasma S pen

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Model/Varenr.: DTG159
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Plasma Skin lifting without Surgery


The new plasma treatment allows lifting of skin on body and face (even the eyelid lifting) without surgical procedure! 


Plasma S equipment is:


- CE certified

- non medical

- no risk for scarring

- safe even for beginner

- produced in Germany (!)

- 1 year warranty

- the new model has two modes: for the face and for the body




Duration of the treatment: about 8-10 minutes pr area 5 x 5 cm plus time for information and preparation

Durability: up to 2 years or longer · one treatment often is enough 1st week after the treatment: swelling of the treated areas and scabbing — everyday activities can be completely done.

Important: avoid thermal fluctuations such as sauna, hamam, solarium, sun etc..

Strictly follow the AfterCare concept!

After the scab has fallen off, use sunblocker (LPF 50+).